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Lost or Stolen Device


What should I do if my EasyPark device is lost or stolen?


To mitigate losses arising from lost or theft of your EasyPark device, please keep your original documentation of purchase or register your device using our website at the time of purchase.

In the event your device is lost or stolen, as with paper vouchers, EasyPark.bm bears no liability for the remaining parking value balance on the device.

However, EasyPark.bm can assist with the recovery of your lost or stolen device through "blocking" functionality provided by the EasyPark system.

"Blocking" a EasyPark device disables the card from being used and also identifies the card for confiscation by either traffic wardens (Bermuda Police Service) or by our retail partners.

To Block your EasyPark device either:

a. If you registered your EasyPark device online when purchased:

Log on to this site and under "My Parking Devices" mark the appropriate device as "lost or stolen"

b. If you did not register your EasyPark device online at time of purchase:

Bring the original purchase documentation and personal ID to our office in order for us to block your EasyPark device from further use.

EasyPark will contact you in the event that your lost of stolen unit is recovered.