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What are the EasyPark Mobile Service Fees?


I loaded my EasyPark Mobile account with $20, but it cost me $21.21?


There is no cost for EasyPark Mobile software applications, nor any initial registration fees.

We currently charge a service fee of 3.8% (largely to offset bank processing fees), plus 45 cents to load your EasyPark Mobile account, plus a monthly fee of $1.75 and $3.0 per LPN for individual and corporate accounts, respectively for our standard plans. There is also a per transaction fee of $0.25 and $0.3 for individual and corporate accounts, respectively.

For infrequent users, i.e. 5 or less parking events per month, we also have our casual plan. For this plan, in addition to the top up fee of 3.8% plus 45 cents, there is a transaction fee of $0.50.