Terms and Conditions of Service

On purchase of the of EasyPark parking meter directly from EasyPark Bermuda, or one of its retail distributors, for parking at designated locations in Bermuda, Customer agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  • The EasyPark device provides Customer with the convenience of using a prepaid card, rather than having to deposit coins/bills/credit cards in to the parking meters or the use paper vouchers during the posted hours of enforcement in designated street and lot parking locations in Bermuda. See our website for locations where EasyPark is accepted.

  • Customer agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of the respective parking authorities for which it uses the EasyPark parking meter for the purpose of paying parking fees.

  • The purchase of the EasyPark parking meter is refundable, without interest, to the Customer with any unused units of time on the unit, provided that Customer returns the EasyPark meter and that it is in good working order along with the register receipt, case, and the instructional brochure enclosed within ten (10) business days of the sale date. There will be no exceptions or extensions of this time for return and refund of the purchase price.

  • Customer may purchase parking time by taking the EasyPark device to one of EasyPark Bermuda's distributor locations, so that the EasyPark meter can be reloaded. Customers may purchase parking time in desired increments up to a maximum of $100.

  • Since the EasyPark device is as good as cash for the purchase of parking time, if the Customer loses the EasyPark parking meter, there will be no refunds. EasyPark Bermuda is not responsible for loss, theft, or misuse of the EasyPark parking meter.

  • In case of changes in parking rates of designated areas where the EasyPark meter can be used, to avoid a parking violation, Customer must visit a distributor location to update the parking meter with the applicable new rates as soon as possible following the effective date of new rates announced by parking authorities. Failure to do so might result in parking violations resulting in penalties.

  • The EasyPark should be used only in accordance with the posted hours of operation for the particular street or lot at which the Customer intends to park, at the posted time limit and rate. Rates, limits, and hours are subject to change by Ordinance or other legislative actions of the applicable parking authority. Customer understands that the EasyPark can only be used in parking locations posted on the back of the EasyPark parking meter and/or on this website.

  • EasyPark Bermuda shall have the right to charge Customer a fee for the loading of parking value to the EasyPark device; and the right to amend such fees without notice to Customer.

  • Except as noted above, EasyPark Bermuda shall in no circumstances be liable to Customer for any direct, indirect or consequential loss whatsoever arising from the use of the EasyPark parking meter. EasyPark Bermuda, expressly declines any and all responsibility for the device in the case where it is used in any manner not described in the User's Instruction booklet included with the device on purchase.

The terms, conditions, restrictions, and fees set forth herein are subject to change without notice by EasyPark Bermuda.